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Founded in 2008, VectorNavStarting with the idea that aerospace guidance, navigation and control expertise can be applied to the latest advances in inertial and GNSS technology,We create products that deliver unprecedented performance in the smallest possible footprint.

VectorNav, which is AS9100 certified,Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, the 45,000-square-foot (4200-square-meter) facility has the capacity to manufacture tens of thousands of units each year to serve customers worldwide. Offering proven solutions for a wide range of markets, from SATCOMs to robotics, missiles to ISR systems, VectorNav is your trusted partner in inertial navigation.

Product list

Industrial series

IMU / AHRS, GPS / INS, dual antenna GNSS / INS

  • Compact surface mount and rugged packaging

  • Standard in-gyro bias stability at 5 ° / hour

  • Calibrate over temperature

  • Serial TTL, SPI & USB communication interface

  • <30 grams

  • ITAR free

  • Made in USA

VectorNav offers the Industrial Series, a complete line of MEMS-based industrial inertial navigation systems.

Available in both surface mount and rugged packaging options, they are calibrated for temperature. The Industrial series includes IMU, AHRS, GPS/INS and GPS-Compass solutions optimized for SWaP-C constrained applications.

Tactical series

IMU / AHRS, GNSS / INS and dual antenna GNSS / INS

  • In-gyro / gyro bias stability at <1 ° / hour

  • <2 mrad posture performance

  • IP 68 rated enclosure designed for DO-160G

  • Software compatible with industrial series

  • Expansion port for connection to external sensors

  • TAR free

  • Made in USA

VectorNav is a high performance IMU, AHRS, GPS/INS,

Next generation with GPS-Compass solutionMEMS inertial navigation

We announced the Tactical Series platform.
The Tactical Series features a tactical-grade IMU core housed in a robust and compact aluminum enclosure, making VectorNav an industry

Leveraging the leading navigation algorithm,

It offers a new class of inertial navigation solutions.

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