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/ VN-310

The VN-310 is for applications requiring a highly accurate inertial navigation solution in both static and dynamic operating conditions, especially in environments with unreliable magnetic heading and good GNSS visibility. was designed. The VN-310 provides the ability to accurately estimate true heading (azimuth relative to true north) in both static and dynamic conditions without relying on magnetic sensors. This is achieved by utilizing GPS interferometry technology (RTK moving baseline technology) that measures the heading of a vehicle or platform without any assumptions about vehicle dynamics. This is a very important feature in applications that require accurate heading at startup or in situations where there is insufficient motion to perform dynamic alignment.

The VN-310 is available in two package options with a precision milled anodized aluminum enclosure designed to meet DO-160G standards. With dual I/O connectors, the VN-310 offers maximum flexibility for interfacing with external GNSS receivers and IMUs. Alternatively, the VN-310 is also available in a miniature board-mount option that delivers tactical-grade IMU performance in an ultra-small package, bringing unprecedented capabilities to SWaP-C constrained applications.


Sensor overview

  • Static and low dynamic heading accuracy with GNSS compass

  • VectorNav Processing Engine (VPE) disturbance rejection, adaptive filtering and dynamic filter tuning

  • Hard/soft iron correction

  • Combined position, velocity, and pose estimates

  • All sensors are individually calibrated for bias, scale factor, misalignment, and temperature over the full operating range (-40°C to 85°C).

  • 184 Channel L1/L2/E1/E5b GNSS Receiver

    • RTK ready: support for external RTCM 3 inputs

  • raw GNSS data

    • Exportable RINEX data for PPK​

    • ​Raw Pseudorange, Doppler, and Carrier Phase Output

  • 800Hz IMU data

  • 400 Hz navigation and attitude data

    • Yaw/Pitch/Roll

    • position and velocity

  • Corning and sculling integrals (ΔV, Δθ)

  • Data output format: ASCII (VectorNav), NMEA-0183, Binary (VectorNav), ARINC 429

  • Tactical rugged IP 68 rated enclosure designed for DO-160G 

  • Vibration: MIL-STD-810G, EMI: MIL-STD-461G, Electrical: MIL-STD-1275E

  • Free VectorNav Control Center for easy setup, configuration and logging

  • ITAR-free

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