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/ MRO overseas procurement

​MRO・Overseas procurement・Import agency

We respond to all customer requests using our own domestic and overseas networks.

IC, powerWith our well-established logistics system, we can deliver all kinds of products, including child devices, parts, products, raw materials, software, equipment, etc., from one to the shortest delivery date after receiving the order, from quotations to invoices, even for products that have not been released in Japan. We provide overseas procurement supply chain solutions.

One-stop service

  • product research

  • Communication and negotiation with overseas manufacturers

  • International Remittance/Payment Procedures

  • ​Complicated import clearance and customs procedures

Please feel free to contact us for product surveys, requests for quotations, etc.

If you can provide us with the following information, we will be able to respond more quickly.

  • Manufacture name

  • Product code/SKU

  • Serial number

  • Technical specifications

  • Product/label/nameplate photo

  • Web pages, etc. where the product is installed


Inventory list

Please feel free to contact us

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