Vector navigation

VectorNav offers the Industrial Series, a complete line of MEMS-based industrial inertial navigation systems.

It is available in both surface mount and rugged packaging options and is calibrated according to temperature. The industrial series includes IMU, AHRS, GPS / INS and GPS-Compass solutions optimized for SWaP-C constrained applications.

Industrial series

IMU / AHRS, GPS / INS, dual antenna GNSS / INS

  • Compact surface mount and rugged packaging

  • Standard in-gyro bias stability at 5 ° / hour

  • Calibrate over temperature

  • Serial TTL, SPI & USB communication interface

  • <30 grams

  • ITAR free

  • Made in USA

Tactical series

IMU / AHRS, GNSS / INS and dual antenna GNSS / INS

  • In-gyro / gyro bias stability at <1 ° / hour

  • <2 mrad posture performance

  • IP 68 rated enclosure designed for DO-160G

  • Software compatible with industrial series

  • Expansion port for connection to external sensors

  • TAR free

  • Made in USA

VectorNav announced the Tactical Series, the next generation MEMS inertial navigation platform with high performance IMU, AHRS, GPS / INS, and GPS-Compass solutions.
The Tactical series features a tactical grade IMU core housed in a robust and compact aluminum enclosure and leverages VectorNav's industry-leading navigation algorithms to provide a new class of inertial navigation solutions.

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